Nau mai, Haere Mai
Meet Our Teams  

Our four learning teams, Rapanui, Tuawera, Te Onepoto and Awaroa  get their names from the four key landmarks that were used by Māori to identify different areas for gathering kaimoana. Rapanui (Years 0-2) was the entrance point to the fishing grounds and as such is the starting point for our ākonga (learners) as they enter our school.
As our ākonga navigate their way through the school they are guided through the landmarks of Rapanui (Years 0-2), Tuawera (Years 3&4), Te Onepoto (Years 5&6) and conclude their journey at Awaroa (Years 7&8) the highest of the landmarks where they can look out on the wider world just as Māori have done for generations.

Leadership Team


Anna Granger

Associate Principal

Tim Lowe

Deputy Principal & SENCO

Rebecca Power

Rapanui (Years 0-2) Team Leader

Hannah Bennion

Tuawera (Years 3 & 4) Team Leader

Rebecca Power

Te Onepoto (Years 5 & 6) Team Leader

Natasha Fraser

Awaroa (Years 7 & 8) Team Leader

Andrew Daniels

Rapanui (Years 0-2)

Room 2

Rachel Todd

Room 3

Hannah Bennion 

Room 4 

Belinda Dryden

​Room 5

Andrea McKendry

Tuawera (​Years 3 and 4)

Room  9 

Jo Covell-Burger 

Room 10

Rebecca Power and Jen Smyth

Room 11

Lisi Reid and Hannah Williams

Room 12

George Hart

​Te Onepoto (​Years 5 and 6)

Room 13

Grace Shearer and Pip Andrews


Room 14Vanessa Kearns (Term 1) and Robyn Lean 


Room 15Natasha Fraser

Awaroa (​Years 7 and 8)

Room 17

Gwen Vine 


Andrew Daniels

Room 19 

Melanie Bradley 


Learning Support

Reading Recovery

Johanni Gilmore

Learning Support Workers

Anna Gilkison

Annah Lyons

Melanie Eastgate

Breda Williams

​Kerri L’Estrange

Kela Gurnsey

Music Team

CSM Band Programme

Jody Keehan




​Amalia Drain




Rob Tate


Rob Tate


Helen Reddecliffe

Administration & Grounds

Business ManagerSue Stevens
Administration OfficerDeborah Haggerty
LibrarianYvonne Hall