Our Vision and values

Our Vision

Our Vision for our ākonga (learners)

Connecting with our people, our learning and our place

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement, Vision and Values

Mission Statement embraced by our staff and our Board of Trustees

Nurturing character and empowering learners to navigate their world.

​Our Turangawaewae and Cultural Narrative talks about the importance of Rapanui, Tuawera, Te Onepoto and Awaroa. These enduring landmarks and places of deep significance for local iwi acted as signposts, skillfully guiding and pointing them in the direction so that they could locate places that were abundant with kaimoana and other valuable resources.

As our ākonga navigate their way through our Kura they gather resources for growth and learning. We use our understanding of our learners and their unique Character Strengths to carefully guide them through the landmarks of Rapanui, Tuawera, Te Onepoto and Awaroa; the highest of the landmarks where they can look out on the wider world while feeling empowered as learners and deeply connected to the Whenua (land) beneath them.

Our Values

At Sumner school, everything we do is underpinned by the importance of forming strong relationships and utilising our unique location to deliver a high-quality education to our school whānau.