The Sumner School Curriculum is a document that has been developed as a result of consultation with our community and students during our revisioning process, and through professional development by staff over a two year period. It is designed to give guidance about how our local curriculum is to be delivered at our school. 

What is the curriculum?

We define the curriculum as all the learning opportunities that take place within the school. These can take many forms and occur in different contexts.
The driver for all teaching and learning at our school is our School’s Vision and Values. It encapsulates what is important to our community and provides a framework for our teachers to develop learning opportunities for our children.
Integral to these learning opportunities are the principles, values, key competencies and learning areas as outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). Our local school-based curriculum gives specific guidelines about how these curriculum components will be actively encouraged and explored within our unique school context.
At Sumner School we consider the New Zealand Curriculum to be a core document for the planning and implementation of learning programmes. Our curriculum works in conjunction with other supporting documents, including our school Charter, Strategic Plan, annual plan and school-wide policies and procedures.
Like Rapanui, Tuawera, Te Onepoto and Awaroa, our curriculum is built on strong foundations. All learning experiences start with our mission and vision at the centre, but also incorporate the NZC principles, key competencies, values and meaningful assessment practices. This is achieved in our unique community context. 
By doing this we believe that our students will leave Sumner School being self, socially and culturally aware. They will express strong values, have well-developed numeracy and literacy skills and be active 21st Century learners.

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